Who We Serve

Due to Covid-19 our office is transitioning to working remotely. While we are working to provide a quick response to all inquiries we do ask for your patience. The best way to reach our site managers and bookkeepers is by email. If you do not know their email please email sb@kyrealtyonline.net and it will be forwarded to the appropriate party. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. 

Association Name Site Manager Bookkeeper 
326 S Birchwood Condominiums Dan Rapp Shawna Haley
Academy Ridge at Landis Lakes Darren Harris Shelly Burton
Alia Homeowners Association, Inc Bill Haley Carrie Waters
Ambassador East Darren Harris Shelly Burton
Arbor Ridge Roxanne Schuchardt Yvonne Rummage
Arborgate Village Darren Harris Shelly Burton
Autumn Trace Roxanne Schuchardt Shawna Haley
Bashford Place Condominiums Ben Adams Yvonne Rummage
Baxter Place Darren Harris Shelly Burton
Bay Pointe Homeowners’ As Dennis McCoy Tina Peden
Beech Spring Farm Neighborhood Association, Inc. Bill Haley Yvonne Rummage
Belvoir Condominiums Darren Harris Tina Peden
Beulah Church Condominium Roxanne Schuchardt Tina Peden
Beulah Condos Association Bill Haley Tina Peden
Blue Rose Dennis McCoy Carrie Waters
Bradford Grove Bill Haley Tina Peden
Brentwood Homeowners Association Dan Rapp Tina Peden
Briscoe Place Dennis McCoy Tina Peden
Brittany Point Roxanne Schuchardt Yvonne Rummage
Brookhurst HOA Kurt Schuchardt Carrie Waters
Cambridge Court Condo Bill Haley Yvonne Rummage
Cambridge Manor Roxanne Schuchardt Makayla Rummage
Cardinal Oaks Bill Haley Carrie Waters
Casa Bella of Hikes Lane Bill Haley Carrie Waters
Casa Granada Condominium Ben Adams Yvonne Rummage
Castle Condo Units Ben Adams Yvonne Rummage
Cedar Grove Dan Rapp Shawna Haley
Chelsea Green Condominium Ben Adams Yvonne Rummage
Chenoweth Park Dennis McCoy Tina Peden
Cliff View Terrace Condominums Dan Rapp Shelly Burton
Cliffwood Roxanne Schuchardt Yvonne Rummage
Coach House Shaun Haley Kim Shaw
Cobblestone Council of Co Dennis McCoy Shawna Haley
Cobblestone Estates Dennis McCoy Shawna Haley
Cobblestone Recreation Dennis McCoy Shawna Haley
Colonial Woods Roxanne Schuchardt Shelly Burton
Coppershire Condominiums Darren Harris Shelly Burton
Correll Place Condominium Darren Harris Carrie Waters
Cottages of Westport Roxanne Schuchardt Makayla Rummage
Cottonwood Council of Co- Dan Rapp Carrie Waters
Council of Co-Owners of Dove Creek Phase I Bill Haley Tina Peden
Courtyards of Brownsboro Dan Rapp Tina Peden
Creekstone Condominium Association Kurt Schuchardt Shelly Burton
Crescent Crossing Condominium, LLC Darren Harris Carrie Waters
Darnell Manor Condominium Dan Rapp Yvonne Rummage
Deer Creek Homeowners Dan Rapp Tina Peden
Derbyshire Estates Darren Harris Shelly Burton
Dove Creek Condominiums Phase II Bill Haley Yvonne Rummage
East Market Lofts Council of Co-Owners Bill Haley Carrie Waters
Eastgate Village Condomin Bill Haley Yvonne Rummage
Estates of Bridlewood Dan Rapp Carrie Waters
Fairfax Sq. Condo Assoc. Ben Adams Yvonne Rummage
Falcon Crest Condominiums Kurt Schuchardt Tina Peden
Falcon Crest Patio Homes Kurt Schuchardt Carrie Waters
Falls City Lofts Condominiums Kurt Schuchardt Yvonne Rummage
Falls Creek Homeowners Association, Inc. Bill Haley Carrie Waters
Flat Rock Ridge HOA Roxanne Schuchardt Tina Peden
Fleur De Lis Condominiums Council, Inc. Ben Adams Carrie Waters
Forest Garden Darren Harris Tina Peden
Forest Green Development Bill Haley Tina Peden
Forest Spring North Homeowners Kurt Schuchardt Makayla Rummage
Frankfort Place Condominiums Ben Adams Makayla Rummage
Garden Court Condo Dennis McCoy Yvonne Rummage
Gardens 1 of Glenmary Village Roxanne Schuchardt Makayla Rummage
Gardens II of Glenmary Village Roxanne Schuchardt Tina Peden
Glenmary Avenue Condominiums Bill Haley Makayla Rummage
Glenmary LLC Ben Adams Yvonne Rummage
Glenmary Manor Condominiu Dan Rapp Tina Peden
Grandel Farms Residents Association Roxanne Schuchardt Makayla Rummage
Grandel Forest / Woods of Feyhurst Bill Haley Carrie Waters
Graystone Manor Ben Adams Tina Peden
Green Ridge Estates Darren Harris Makayla Rummage
Grey Hawk HOA Bill Haley Yvonne Rummage
Harmony Place III Bill Haley Yvonne Rummage
Harmony Pointe Dan Rapp Makayla Rummage
Harrods Landing Condominium Association, Inc. Bill Haley Carrie Waters
Hawthorne Pointe Ben Adams Yvonne Rummage
Herring Hall Condominiums Association Bill Haley Yvonne Rummage
Highlands Inverness Condominiums Roxanne Schuchardt Carrie Waters
Hillside Terrace Kurt Schuchardt Shelly Burton
Hurstbourne Heights Roxanne Schuchardt Makayla Rummage
Hurstbourne Woods Roxanne Schuchardt Tina Peden
Indian Hills Village Condo Ben Adams Yvonne Rummage
Ivy Ridge Patio Home Association, Inc Bill Haley Carrie Waters
Kiltmoor Association Dan Rapp Shelly Burton
Lake Forest Legacy Ben Adams Carrie Waters
Lakeview Condominium Ben Adams Shawna Haley
Landis Lakes Recreation Association Darren Harris Shelly Burton
Lauderdale Association Ben Adams Carrie Waters
Lazy Creek HOA Dan Rapp Shelly Burton
Leland Court Ben Adams Yvonne Rummage
Lodge 820 Condo Association Bill Haley Makayla Rummage
Longwood Homeowners Dan Rapp Yvonne Rummage
Louisville Metro Commerce Center Dan Rapp Shawna Haley
Lyndon Lakes Dan Rapp Tina Peden
Madison Condo Dan Rapp Tina Peden
Miles Place Dan Rapp Yvonne Rummage
Mockingbird Terrace Condominiums Assoc. Ben Adams Carrie Waters
Mockingbird Valley Green Dan Rapp Shelly Burton
Mockingbird Valley Villas Dan Rapp Tina Peden
Montrio Condominiums Dan Rapp Makayla Rummage
Moss Creek Condominiums Shaun Haley Shelly Burton
North Beckley Station Townhomes Kurt Schuchardt Yvonne Rummage
Norton Commons I Kurt Schuchardt Makayla Rummage
Norton Commons II Kurt Schuchardt Tina Peden
Norton Commons III Kurt Schuchardt Tina Peden
Norton Commons Legacy Res Kurt Schuchardt Carrie Waters
Norton Commons Townhomes Bill Haley Makayla Rummage
Notting Hill HOA Bill Haley Carrie Waters
Oakland Hills HOA Dan Rapp Tina Peden
Oakwood Development Darren Harris Shelly Burton
Old Brownsboro Gardens Dan Rapp Tina Peden
Overlook at Glenmary Village Roxanne Schuchardt Tina Peden
Oxmoor Manor Ben Adams Tina Peden
Park Lane Ben Adams Makayla Rummage
Park Terrace Condo Ben Adams Tina Peden
Parkridge Condominium Cou Darren Harris Tina Peden
Parkway East Kurt Schuchardt Yvonne Rummage
Pennington Condominium Dan Rapp Tina Peden
Pinnacle Gardens Dan Rapp Yvonne Rummage
Pinnacle Place HOA Bill Haley Makayla Rummage
Pinnacle Place Patio Home Assoc Bill Haley Carrie Waters
Prospect Glen Villas Cond Dennis McCoy Tina Peden
Randolph House Condominiu Ben Adams Makayla Rummage
Riedlonn Condominium Association, Inc Bill Haley Carrie Waters
River Forest Courtyard Dennis McCoy Yvonne Rummage
River Pointe Patio Homes Dan Rapp Tina Peden
Rivers End Garden Homes Dennis McCoy Shawna Haley
Rivers Landing Roxanne Schuchardt Makayla Rummage
Rivers Shore Darren Harris Shelly Burton
Rosewood Condominium Asso Roxanne Schuchardt Carrie Waters
Settlers Point Dan Rapp Shawna Haley
Silver Creek Homeowners A Dennis McCoy Tina Peden
Spring Drive Condominium Council of Co-Owners, Inc. Bill Haley Carrie Waters
Spring Falls Homeowners Association, Inc. Roxanne Schuchardt Carrie Waters
Spring Gate Condominiums Kurt Schuchardt Shawna Haley
Spring House Cove Darren Harris Shelly Burton
Stanton Place Roxanne Schuchardt Shelly Burton
Stonegate Condominium Bill Haley Makayla Rummage
Swan Pointe Council of Co-Owners, Inc. Dennis McCoy Yvonne Rummage
The Bayview Condominiums Bill Haley Shelly Burton
The Calveard Condominium Ben Adams Yvonne Rummage
The Farms at Lovers Lane Roxanne Schuchardt Makayla Rummage
The Greens at Heritage Hill Council Dan Rapp Tina Peden
The International Condominiums Roxanne Schuchardt Makayla Rummage
The Lodge Condominiums Kurt Schuchardt Carrie Waters
The Pines Condominium Council of Co-Owners Darren Harris Carrie Waters
Townehomes of Rolling Fields, Inc. Kurt Schuchardt Carrie Waters
Twin Eagles West HOA Darren Harris Tina Peden
Two Sixty-Six Leland Court Roxanne Schuchardt Tina Peden
Valencia Villas at Landis Lakes Darren Harris Carrie Waters
Valhalla Vista Kurt Schuchardt Yvonne Rummage
Vertrees Dan Rapp Carrie Waters
Village Drive Condominium Ben Adams Yvonne Rummage
Village of Beckley Woods Council of Co-Owners, Inc Kurt Schuchardt Carrie Waters
Village of Spring Meadows Dan Rapp Carrie Waters
Villas at Grand Oak Estate Darren Harris Shelly Burton
Washington Square Shaun Haley Makayla Rummage
Watterson Woods Property Owners Kurt Schuchardt Carrie Waters
Westgate Terrace Condominiums Dan Rapp Tina Peden
Westport Gardens Condominiums Darren Harris Makayla Rummage
Whipps Mill Woods Ben Adams Yvonne Rummage
Willowhurst Place Darren Harris Shelly Burton
Winchell Place Condomini Dan Rapp Tina Peden
Winchester Place Kurt Schuchardt Tina Peden
Windsor Forest Association, Inc. Roxanne Schuchardt Tina Peden
Windsor Gate Condominiums Dan Rapp Shawna Haley
Wisteria Landing Shaun Haley Shelly Burton
Wolf Trace HOA Bill Haley Yvonne Rummage
Woodbridge Place HOA Dan Rapp Tina Peden
Woodmont Condominiums Ben Adams Carrie Waters
Woodridge Lake HOA Kurt Schuchardt Shelly Burton
Woodridge Lake Townhomes Kurt Schuchardt Carrie Waters
Woods of Glenmary Patio Homes Ben Adams Yvonne Rummage
Woods of Landis Lakes HOA Darren Harris Shelly Burton
Woodside Pointe Homeowners Association Ben Adams Makayla Rummage
Yacht Club Estates Roxanne Schuchardt Tina Peden
Yorktown Park HOA Darren Harris Makayla Rummage